Wonderlands - Essays
The Sun Collective - A Novel
There's Something I Want You To Do - Stories
Gryphon - Stories
The Soul Thief - A Novel
The Art of The Subtext - Essays on Fiction
Saul and Patsy - A Novel
The Feast Of Love - A Novel
Believers - A Novella and Stories
Burning Down The House - Essays on Fiction
Shadow Play - A Novel
A Relative Stranger - Stories
Imaginary Paintings - Poems
First Light - A Novel
Through The Safety Net - Stories
Harmony Of The World- Stories

Edited Volumes

A William Maxwell Portrait:
Memories and Appreciations

Edited by Charles Baxter, Michael Collier, and Edward Hirsch

Best New American Voices 2001:
A Masterful Collection of Fiction

Charles Baxter, Guest Editor

Bringing the Devil to His Knees:
The Craft of Fiction and the Writing Life

Edited by Charles Baxter and Peter Turchi

The Business of Memory:
The Art of Remembering in an Age of Forgetting

Edited by Charles Baxter

Oddities, Early Works

Chameleon - Poems
The South Dakota Guidebook - Poems